About Us

 TheFxGroup- The only producer of laminated board with the most innovative variations under one roof, for your modern décor needs.

> From 3mm to 32mm thick on our unique and the most popular colours
> Be it Innowood, Foils, Illusion range, Tops, Veneers & our newly manufactured Mirrorwood 9x6 gloss boards.
> We are amongst the largest wood component distributors in the country.

Laminators of Melamine, Foil, Post Form Tops, Uv Gloss, Acrylic Gloss, HPL and Veneers. 

We cater for a wide range of customers, product applications  and markets. Our customers include everyone from emerging carpenters to large furniture manufacturers, to government departments. Our customers make kitchens  wardrobes, desks, display cabinets, book cases, cribs, serving counters, tables,and coffins. The markets we serve included shop fitting, kitchens and cupboards, domestic furniture, packaging, office furniture, caskets and coffins, school furniture, and exhibition furniture to name a few!"

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Fax:011 422 4852
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